Start saving your hard earned money by switching to electronic cigarettes

Have you ever thought about the amount of money each and every day you spend on cigarettes alone? I used to spend around £7-£8 per day on cigarettes which was on average £50 per week! £200 a month and £2400 per year! It’s shocking! I knew I had to quit not just because it is a complete waste of money, but also because of the negative effects it was having on my health.

I started thinking of the amount of money I spent every year on cigarettes and the more I did the more I despised buying them, but for some reason I couldn’t stop myself from lighting up. I was constantly looking for quit smoking remedies but they never worked for me.

I think the worst thing about it was that I was never in need of the extra money I was spending until I started to think of the things I could do with the money. I worked out that each week I quit smoking I could buy a new pair of shoes or a new top or dress or jewellery. Each month I quit smoking I could afford a weekend trip away. And each year I stopped smoking I could go on an expensive holiday for a couple of weeks or afford to buy new furniture for my house.

No matter how much these things appealed to me, I could never stop smoking or even cut back at least without the help of an electronic cigarette!  Just one pack of ecig cartridges is around £5 and they would last me for a week if not more. That was a £195 saving per month straight away!

I was adamant not to become a fool anymore and smoke my money away. Every time I would have bought a pack of cigarettes I put the money in a jar and by month 4 it was getting pretty full. I couldn’t believe how much money I used to spend on smoking alone. It’s crazy!

If you’re a smoker and haven’t tried e cigs you have to ask yourself why? In just 5 years of quitting smoking I will have saved myself almost £10,000! Every time someone told me how much of a waste of money smoking was I could argue with them but I had nothing else to turn to, but now we have electronic cigarettes I will never look back! – take a look at Electronic Cigarette Bud for the best one for you.

If you’re struggling for money, saving for a new car, want an all-inclusive holiday abroad, or saving for something special for your loved ones the easiest way to save money and fast is switching to electronic cigarettes! At just a fraction of the cost of the real things you will have saved a whole stash of money before you even realise!

Taste the rainbow with Electronic Cigarettes

I know one of the things people ‘hate on’ about e-cigs is the extensive range of flavours they come in, however this is something I love! Apparently the range of flavours is frowned upon as it is appealing to a younger audience, but I won’t get into that. I’m in my late 20’s and can’t get enough of the flavours, my grandparents also vape and they love the fruity choices. So here are some of the flavours I’ve tried and tested, hopefully you will find one you like J

Strawberry – Tastes just like a sweet, ripe, juicy strawberry! It’s not bitter or tangy taste and there’s definitely no danger of any seeds getting stuck in your teeth. Tastes so good it could be 1 of your 5 a day!

Grape – Just like drinking grape soda without the worry of a tooth cavity. The vape doesn’t taste like a real grape but is definitely one of my favourites. It’s very sweet and smooth tasting.

Cherry – A very sweet and slightly tangy taste like cherry pop. From my experience cherry cartridges taste a little better than cherry e-liquid as it is more sweet and subtle in taste.

Watermelon – Tastes a lot like watermelon flavoured gum. I wouldn’t say it tastes exactly like a real watermelon but it’s close enough.

Spearmint – I love spearmint. Spearmint e-liquid is exactly like chewing on spearmint gum! If you like menthol, why not try something different and vape this flavour?

Coffee – Exactly like a coffee minus the sugar. It’s a very fulfilling taste and good to vape with your morning coffee.

Apple – Just like a juicy green apple. Slightly tangy and sweet, if you love apple flavoured sweets or gum you will love this one.

Banana – To me it tastes like a banana milkshake. Yum! If I want something sweet but without the calories I opt for this flavour.

Icy Menthol – It’s a lot like a menthol cigarette but with more flavour. A very throat-hitting taste, enough to blow your socks off! Vaping icy menthol e-liquid is like sucking on an extra strong mint. I like to vape this flavour after I’ve eaten a heavy meal.

There are lots of other flavours I’ve tried but these are my top ones! Most of them come in different nicotine strengths so you have the choice of the nicotine levels you inhale. I hope you guys find a flavour you love and enjoy. It’s also great to try mixing some of the flavours together, especially the fruity ones!

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